1517/New Reformation
1517 supplies theological resources that
strengthen congregations, and engage the
culture in a manner that is thoughtful,
courageous, and Christ-centered.
Apologetics, Biography, Christian Living, Christology,
Church History, Doctrine, Family, History, Spiritual Warfare,
Human Rights, Theology
Carpenter's Son Publishing
Carpenter's Son Publishing specializes in books
with Christian content but can work with
secular books as long as their content is
consistent with a Christian worldview.
Biography, Business, Children, Christian Living, Church Life,
Devotional, Discipleship, Eschatology, Family, Finance,
Fiction, Graphic Novels, Grief, Health, Leadership, Marriage,
Ministry, Poetry, Prayer, Theology
Credo House Publishers
Credo House publishes work by some of the
leading Christian thinkers and writers today.
Credo House has released successful titles in
the following genres: Fictional, Inspirational,
Organizational, and Educational.
Educational, Organizational, Inspirational, Fictional
Crucifrom press
Cruciform Press publishes short, clear, useful,
inexpensive books for Christians and other
curious people. Books that make sense and are
easy to read, even as they tackle serious
Bible Study, Christian Life,  Cultural, Social Issues,
Defending the Faith,  History, Local Church,
Marriage/Family,  Men/Women, Productivity, Sanctification,
DayOne Publications
Day One's publishing mission is: 'To publish and
promote exciting and unique, high quality,
Bible-based media, including books, digital
products, and travel, to a worldwide market.'
Bible Study, Biography, Christian Living, Devotionals,
Discipleship, Ethics, Family, Ministry, Missions, Sermons,
Editorial Mundo
Hispano/Casa Bautista
Editorial Mundo Hispano/Casa Bautista
Publicaciones offers trusted, theologically rich
resources that provide a strong foundation for
Christian growth, for both the seeker and the
serious Bible student.
Bibles, Biography, Children, Christian Life, Church Life,
Discipleship, Evangelism, Family, Men/Women, Sermons
EP Books
EP Books, also called Evangelical Press, is a
long-established UK publisher of Christian
books. EP books aims to reach all readers, in
the church and outside.
Apologetics, Biography, Christian Living, Commentaries,
Discipleship, Missions, Persecution, Teaching
Evergreen Press
Evergreen Press provides practical biblical
solutions for breakthrough living, addressing
the everyday needs of individuals, families, and
Christian Life, Children, Evangelism, Fiction, Inspirational,
Ministry, Missions, Pastoral Resources, Persecution and
Conflict, Spiritual Growth, Spiritual Warfare
Gilead Publishing
Evergreen Press provides practical biblical
solutions for breakthrough living, addressing
the everyday needs of individuals, families, and
Fiction:  Contemporary, Romance, Historical, Science
Fiction/Fantasy, and Mystery/Suspense.
Graham Blanchard
Graham Blanchard produces high quality books
and resources that are excellent
Mystery/Suspense categories. in language,
illustration, and production quality in order to
promote a love of learning about God.
Children, Parenting
Great Writing
Great Writing specialized service in writing,
editing and proofreading, all to bring your
writing to a global audience.
Christian Life
Hendrickson Publishers
Hendrickson is pleased to offer Bibles that
inspire devotion, reflection, and a deeper
understanding of God’s Word, as well as
outstanding academic, trade, and reference
Academic, Bible Study, Fiction, Reference, Theology
*Digital Rights only
Kregel supplies resources to meet the spiritual
needs of evangelical readers as well as the
professional needs of pastors, missionaries,
teachers, and Christian leaders. Their vision is
to maximize the impact of quality, life-changing
Christian resources.
Apologetics and Evangelism, Bibles, Biblical Languages,
Biblical Studies, Biography, Children's Resources, Christian
Living and Devotionals, Commentaries, Fiction, History,
Ministry, Preaching, Theology and Religious Studies
Ligonier Ministries
Ligonier Ministries has designed thousands of
resources for people wanting to learn more
about God and His holiness, Reformed theology
and the historic Christian faith.
Bibles, Biblical Studies, Christian Living, Church History,
Discipleship, Music, Tabletalk, Teaching Series, Theology,
Worldview and Culture
Malcolm Down Publishing
MD Publishing aims to serve Christian authors
regardless of denomination or church
background and publish a variety of genres
such as biography, Christian teaching, Bible
study and fiction.
Bible Study, Biography, Christian Living, Church History,
Devotional, Evangelism, Fiction
Reformation Heritage
Reformation Heritage Books (RHB) purpose is
to aim for the conversion of unbelievers and
equip the saints to serve Christ and His church
through the publication and distribution of
Puritan and Reformed literature.
Apologetics, Bibles, Bible Studies, Biography, Children,
Christian Life, Christology, Discipleship, Evangelism
Reformation Trust
Reformation Trust Publishing seeks to proclaim
and explain the great truths of the historic
Christian faith for a new generation.
Bibles, Biography, Christian Living, Commentary, Devotions,
History, Marriage & Family, Ministry, Theology
SIL International
SIL International is committed to serving
language communities worldwide as they build
capacity for sustainable language development.
SIL International Publications publishes the
results of our research, translation, training,
and materials developed within these
Biography, Ethnography, Exegetical Summaries, Language
and Culture, Linguistics, Reference, Textbooks, Translation
William Douglas
William Douglas ia federal judge, university
professor and author of 35 books in his native
country of Brazil. His bestselling book, The 25
Laws of Biblical Success has sold over 300,000
copies in Brazil; the English-language version will
be published by Baker Books in early 2017.
Spiritual Living
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